Thursday, October 18, 2012

Too much of a spread

Seen on the subway:

  • A guy with his attache hanging off of one knee and with his legs so far apart that he was blocking the seat next to him.  Sure, he moved when asked.  But why should anyone have to ask?  Where do people get the chutzpah (nerve) to take up two seats in the middle of rush hour?
  • A gal, obviously Orthodox and married, wearing the requisite fall (partial wig) with the requisite wide headband in front covering all but half an inch of her own hair, as well as the requisite white shell covering her front up to and including her collar bone, sitting with her knees about six inches apart, apparently oblivious to the fact that what Heshy would call "the upskirt view" was almost impossible to miss.  Yes, Virginia, there's a reason why I prefer 30-inch-long skirts and avoid pencil skirts like the plague--both shorter skirts and what we used to call straight skirts tend to pull up when the wearer is seated and reveal a bit too much leg.  (Besides, I can't dance in a straight skirt, and shorter skirts reveal too much leg when the wearer is dancing, too.)


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